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Victoria County, TX – Weekly Report – Feb 11-15, 2019

February 19, 2019

We always marvel at how week after week we get such wonderful weekly volunteers that bring their skills and energy to continue the work of MDS!  What a blessing to meet and get to know all of them, many of whom we will probably never meet again on this earth!  Two women stayed over for their second week here and we have thoroughly enjoyed having them with us.   Five young men from Ontario travelled down to serve this week, as well as a church group of eight men and four women who joined us from Pennsylvania. 

The hardie siding was caulked and painting began on Monday at Rebecca Chacon’s house.  She came to check out the gray color she chose and loved it!  Inside the house, mudding continued.  The front door was painted black, and with the white trim and gray exterior, it looks beautiful!

The work has begun in earnest on the new build for Clayton Pilzner.  On Monday the forms were straightened, rebar tied and templates placed.  Next door to Clayton a new house will be going up for Calvin Davis.  The layout was done on Monday and stakes pounded in. 

Things continue to change quickly at Rosa Llanes’. Trusses went up on Tuesday, as well as blocking, strapping and fascia.  By the end of the week, the sheeting was on the roof and walls, the house wrap was on, porch posts were in, windows installed and shingling begun. 

The ramp rail and front porch rail was being built early this week at Dominga Hernandez’ house.  The skirting was all finished painting on Monday.  The ramp railing was done on Tuesday.  Later in the week, front porch rails were done, some trees were cleaned up in the yard, and the kitchen countertop was installed.

At Raul’s, volunteers spent a morning sanding drywall and completed the house.

More finishing up work was done at Maria Maravilla’s.  The entry door was painted, some adjusting done on kitchen cabinets, paint touched up and steps finished. 

We had guests several evenings this week.  Danny Garcia and his wife, Danny’s administrative assistant and her husband, and Lupe and Roxy and their family, joined us on Tuesday evening for our meal.  They all shared stories with us and we had a great evening together.  Thursday evening ten members of the Llanes’ family shared the evening meal with us.  They all came laden with food, so we added their gifts to our meal and we had plenty of delicious food!

We were sad to see the weekend when we said goodbye to our wonderful volunteers who became our friends in such a short time!  Thank you to all of you!

Victoria Co. Team – Daniel & Pamela and family, Ron & Char, Cole, Raven, Jonathan, Will, Wes, Ashley & family, Mike & Linda