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Victoria County, TX – Weekly Report – Dec 3-7, 2018

December 11, 2018

On December 1 we had the great exchange. The November super cooking team of Marvin and Darlene Rohrer Meck left and Sandy Martin and Dorothy Miller came. Sandy Martin’s husband Bob also came as a crew leader. Tom & Carol Wieler returned to their home.  A huge thank you for all the work done by those who have left and we know the fresh recruits will bring joy to us as well!

13 bent up bodies were extracted from a van travelling 32 hours from Pennsylvania. These guys were eager to get to work, and they did!

We had a home dedication for John and Carol White. It was a great celebration with many of their friends, family and coworkers joining our group of 23. They were so happy and excited to have already slept in their new home one night. It was a particularly joyful celebration as John had just learned that a tumor on his kidney could not be found at a recent CAT scan. He credited this to a time of prayer the MDSers had for his healing one night after he and Carol had brought in a pot of chili to share with us. We are all giving God the glory. What an amazing show of God’s goodness to John!

The home of Victor Martinez and Laura Gonzales is ready for a home dedication on Friday, December 14. Even though the power and water are not yet connected, we find them in their new home at night, just enjoying the space as this family of 5 currently live in half a mobile home.

The new build for Dominga Hernandez moved very quickly this week as the experienced group of framers and builders put their hand to things. We expect it to be completely closed in and ready for rough in when we leave for Christmas break.

The work being done for Theresa Martinez is complete and she will be able to put up a Christmas tree for the first time since Hurricane Harvey. The volunteers did a great job of making this a livable space for her.

Gloria Ramirez is receiving a great interior fix up of ceilings, walls and flooring. The painters will be happy when these high ceilings and walls are done.

Several other rebuilds were also started this week. These homeowners are not able to live in these houses so we are very eager to get this work done for them.

Submitted by Marj Weber

John and Carol White wave from their new home
The crew that is working on the Maria Maravilla home