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Victoria County, TX – Weekly Report – Dec 10-14, 2018

December 18, 2018

The group from last week continued their work.

Gloria Ramirez has her home back in great shape. The painting, flooring and trim is now complete. She is very happy as we had not promised even starting her place before Christmas! Good work by all volunteers in the past few weeks.

Maria Maravilla – This family of 5 has been living in a tiny house while they wait for help.  Our hard working volunteers have gutted the home, interior and exterior, leveled it and put on a modest addition. It will be closed in for the Christmas break. The children are super excited about the renovations they see in progress. They have never had working windows!

Raul Ramirez – This house had a lot of mold and needed to be gutted inside and exterior removed. Reframing of exterior walls has been started. It will also be closed in for the Christmas break.

Dominga Hernandez – This house has moved along extremely well. The roofing and exterior walls are done. It will be ready for the trades to do rough in while we are closed for Christmas break.

Victor Martinez and Laura Gonzales – Their home is completed and the water and power hooked up. This family of 5 began to move in immediately.  They have been living in half a park model home for over a year, with the 2 oldest children sleeping in the living room. A home dedication will be held on Friday December 14. What a pleasure to have this family in their new home for Christmas.

A huge thank you to every volunteer who has travelled here to help build these homes.  We also acknowledge the great support team at Lititz, Winnipeg and other bodies that oversee the work of MDS. We indeed are part of a large body of Christ. We are so grateful to the Lord for allowing us the pleasure of serving Him in this way.

Marj Weber

Victoria County

Victor Martinez and Laura Gonzales home for the last year, family of 5, half a mobile home
Victor Martinez and Laura Gonzales’ new home