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Victoria County, Texas, Weekly Report, Oct 29-Nov 2, 2018

November 6, 2018

We absolutely enjoyed our group this week of Amish men who are mostly 17 years old from Indiana, and a couple from Newton, Kansas.

This group came with a great skill set and so much was done on all 3 houses. It was a huge boost to the long term volunteers as well as to the eager home owners.

Ernest Licerio had his house painted mustard yellow to represent the faith of a grain of the mustard seed. The color is the talk of the town! It was also the color of his grandfather’s house. The interior painting was completed, trim painted, door frames painted and insertion of same has begun. Attic insulation was blown in by awesome guys who never complained about the 85ºF plus 85 % humidity up there. The flooring was finished. Ernie treated us all to pizza as well!

Work for Laura Gonzales and Victor Martinez also has moved well. The taping, mudding and sanding is in process and the porches and railings are finished.  The siding has begun too.

At John White’s house, our team did a mudding blitz and got everything to a place that should make it ready to paint next week. Insulation was added to the attic, and the entire siding was done in a day.

We have so enjoyed our cooks Nancy Rutt from New York and Nhung Le from Bluffton College. Nhung went out on the work crew for two days and enjoyed herself very much. They will both return to their homes and we will receive new long term volunteers on Saturday.

On Friday at 10:45am the local 7 Eleven had their grand opening. It had been damaged in the hurricane, and one year later this little town is thrilled to have them back.

We are always truly thankful for the workers of love God sends to us. We rejoice in it in fact.

Marj Weber

Ernie Licerio loves his “faith as small as a mustard seed” exterior paint.