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Victoria County, Texas, Weekly Report, Oct 22-26, 2018

October 30, 2018

The Victoria County site was closed down since August 2018, but we were greeted with a clean and tidy food/sleeping area, for which we thank the outgoing volunteers, especially Dee Bell!

Transportation in and out of Bloomington is rather complicated, and each long term volunteer had their own adventure getting to the site. Bruce & Marj Weber from Ontario CA, Don O’Neill from Alberta, Barbara Dyck from Manitoba, and Ryan Sprunger from Indiana all eventually arrived safely.

The blessing of Nancy Rutt from New York and a Bluffton College student from California as cooks is great.

The weekly volunteers were from Northeast Texas. They have been a tremendous gift to us for our first week. They came with a wonderful attitude and have contributed greatly to starting the work back up on our homes.

Some warranty repair work needed to be done on Lina Robles’ flooring. Several volunteers made that happen and she is happy with the now level flooring.

A team also worked on Laura Gonzales’ and Victor Martinez’s home. Insulation and drywall were hung. Since some of our volunteers speak Spanish, the homeowner came by and was able to enjoy conversation with them.

We were also able to send a few people in to work on Tessie Martinez’s home. She has been serving the community here in many ways while her house has waited for work to be done.

Painting has started up at Ernie Licerio’s home. He checks on the progress regularly as he lives next door, and he dreams over each square foot of the build.

We are so very thankful that God has cared for this site so carefully. This start up week’s crew has made the transition so much less stressful than it could have been. The local community has welcomed us back, dropping by daily to say how glad they are that we are back!

Marj Weber for the long term volunteers 

Laura-Gonzales and project director Bruce Weber love his English to Spanish app