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Victoria County, Tex. – Weekly Report – January 12, 2018

January 23, 2018

We are off to a good start here in Victoria County!  Our team consists of eleven of us from Germany, Illinois, Ohio, Nebraska, Kansas, and Canada.  The two young men are from Bethel College, Kansas and are doing field work for their social work degree, working with our community Case Manager.  They are fluent in Spanish and very helpful in doing intakes here.  We had some initial work of getting our living space organized and ready, but many hands made that easier!  We are enjoying the wonderful warmer temperatures – a huge contrast to the cold we all left at home!

Nine young women from PA joined us Sunday evening and were eager to start in with the work on Monday.

We started home repairs in three different homes.  At Gloria Echols, volunteers were tearing out moldy drywall, insulation, and wiring, and putting in a new door and window.  The volunteers were quite brave when they came upon big nests of cockroaches as they tore walls apart!  Echols was very excited on Friday when her stove was plugged in again and she had a few lights.

At Mary Helen Garcia’s, volunteers were tearing out rotten flooring and drywall and replacing a rotten floor beam, jacking things up and putting in a new beam. They then started putting up the drywall.

The trailer next door needed new siding and a new door, so some volunteers worked on that.  Thursday morning everyone went to the Volunteer Fire Station where the tarping was coming off the roof causing the ceiling to fall in.  With 15 people on the roof, it was quickly finished- right before it started to rain!

On Friday evening we enjoyed sharing our meal with Gloria and her son Robert.  They shared stories with us and then were happy to sit and listen to singing and accordion music by the girls from PA.