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Utuado, Puerto Rico, Weekly Report, June 2-9, 2018

June 25, 2018

Jon and Crystal Shellenberger

There were five volunteers from Philadelphia that were at the project site all week and there were another 5, also from PA, that came for just one day.

The Philly group started off the week by helping me organize the MDS tool trailer and built some new shelving and other organizational add-ons.  In Utuado there are three job sites that are all kind of happening at the same time; building the new church, helping Pastor Debora and her husband Rafael build their house, and on up the road a little bit is Marta’s home that needs to be completely rebuilt. The group this week focused mostly on helping Rafael with his home and beginning to dig the holes for the new foundation on Marta’s house.  

The other group of five that came from PA was only there for one day and they focused on laying block on the church building.     

We really enjoyed getting to know the group from Philly. This was not your typical MDS group. They were young, Latinos from the inner-city.  Most of them had family connections in Puerto Rico as well and it was good to see Puerto Ricans from the States joining in the cause to help rebuild after the hurricane.  The group worked hard and were mostly Spanish speaking so we were able to be present and interact with them and others without always having to be translating.    

Next week we have 7 volunteers coming. They are not all from the same place and are a mixed group of several different singles and doubles. This week I would like to get back on the church project and frame in windows and work on laying some more block.