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Utuado, Puerto Rico, Weekly Report, June 16-23, 2018

June 29, 2018

Jon and Crystal Shellenberger

There were five volunteers with us this week.  Four of the volunteers were from our home church in Indiana and one was a young man from Oregon.     

Two weeks ago the group started building two rooms adjoining the church that MDS will use for volunteer housing.  After MDS leaves these rooms will used by the church for Sunday school rooms and a place for visitors or guest speakers to stay. This week’s group continued this project and we almost finished.  We finished installing siding, worked on plumbing, put on a roof over the rooms and a roof over the bathrooms, roughed in electrical wiring, hung doors and windows, and painted.  It was a productive week, and we got the rooms nearly ready for occupancy.  Pastor Debora is excited about the new rooms on the church, and she picked out the paint colors, which are two lively shades of blue.     

The highlight of this week was being able to host a group from our home church and share a little bit of this experience with them.  We have been sending update emails back to our church but it was nice to actually share first hand with the group and give others a chance to experience first-hand the MDS experience in  P.R.  We appreciated the group’s great attitudes, willingness to work and respect for the local people and culture. 

Next week we have a family of four coming and Brandon, who was with us last week, will be staying for another week.  We hope to move the volunteers into the new living quarters this week.  I would also like to be able to lay more block on the church walls and help Rafael on forming and pouring the beams on his house.