Utuado, PR – Weekly Report – Nov 25-29, 2019

December 3, 2019

Our volunteers this week are Dave & Marty Charles from Lancaster, PA and Kyle Horst continues from last week.  This is Dave & Marty’s first time serving with MDS.  Dave speaks fluent Spanish which is a great asset.

The team along with ReHace worked 3 days at Leo Valle Perez’s house.  The MDS crew worked on Thursday morning and were treated to 2 meals provided by Leo.  The 2nd he cooked us tostones, rice n beans and deep fried pork pieces.  We graciously accepted (except we were still full from the large breakfast sandwich he had bought for us), he is so generous and grateful.

The roof is near completion with repaired rafters, new sheathing, strapping and corrugated roof.  A small portion remains (over the kitchen) for ReHace to complete.  The expression, ‘living life on the edge’ took on it’s true meaning!

Everyday Leo has treated the teams to treats and he is working hard inside the house to clean and organize it again by bringing out furniture, pictures, TV.  He has had his bed tarped for a very long time in case of rain.  With tears in his and our eyes we said good-bye to him today.

On Wednesday evening we hosted Migdalia and Ferdinand for supper and they told us their storm story.  Migdalia becomes quite dramatic telling it, she felt that she needed to get out of the house just prior to the roof being blown off, their house filled with water from the rain.  Migdalia lived with her niece for a month and she lives with her mother since then.  She is waiting for a little more painting of her house and then she will move in (after Ferdinand completes that!).  Ferdinand stayed at the house and after the storm he punched holes into the walls to drain it.  After sharing the event, they told of their faith and trust in God, Ferdinand admitted that he had depression and now he is looking forward with a new hope.  We presented them with a quilted wall hanging.

On Friday, after closing up the house until mid January when more volunteers will come, we will all head to San Juan to catch our flights back to our homes. 

We, John & Linda have had a very rich and rewarding time in Puerto Rico, especially in Utuado.  We would love to come back and explore this island some more.

Signing off from Utuado with thanks, hasta que nos volvamos a ver. Linda & John Sawatzky