Utuado, PR – Weekly Report – Nov 18-22, 2019

December 3, 2019

Our weekly volunteers arrived late Saturday evening from meeting up in San Juan.  Kyle Horst is from Clifton, Virginia and Tim Braun from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Tim came as part of a group of 4 from their church, The Meeting Place, and we coerced him to come to Utuado as the rest went to Ponce.  It was tough negotiating but once Tim met Kyle in San Juan, they hit it off and many discussions of music and politics and singing filled a lot of the week to come!

John and his 2 man crew carried on work at Migdalia’s and Ferdinand’s house (formerly known as Montero-discovered that was his last name).  They did some clean up around the house and finished painting the bathroom and on Tuesday they painted the outside of the house, also white.  Tuesday was a holiday known as Puerto Rico Day (the day it was discovered).  As far as we know there were no celebrations but the ReHace team did not work with them that day.  We have completed the work at that house. Migdalia and Ferdinand will join us for supper next Wednesday evening to tell of their storm story.

Wednesday both teams moved onto a house in Roncador where Leo Valle Perez lives.  It is a beautiful sight and quite a drive of twists and turns.  His roof has been tarped for the 2 years plus since Maria and the walls have sustained damage.  The beams need to be redone and supported before the roof can be repaired, this has taken the 3 days to complete.

Friday, the workday ends earlier as the team returns to the base house to wash the MDS truck and clean up the tools, first, all were treated to fruit frappes, guava and mango.   After Tavos Pizza (another tradition), Tim drove off into the sunset (East!) to return to San Juan and met up with his Winnipeg buddies who are staying on for another week in Ponce.  Our next week’s volunteers picked up the truck and joined us on Saturday mid afternoon.

On Saturday, we (Linda & John) enjoyed viewing the ocean and beach in Arecibo. 

From Utuado, John & Linda Sawatzky

Kyle Horst, John Sawtzky, Tim Braun
John Sawatzky enjoying Arecibo beach
Frappe treats Nov. 22nd
Leo Valle Perez house
Fresh coat of paint on Migdalia’s house Nov 19, 2019