Utuado, PR – Weekly Report – Nov 11-15, 2019

November 19, 2019

We (the Sawatzkys) delivered and picked up our last and this week’s volunteers at the airport on Saturday.  John and Linda did a little shopping at Walmart to pick up some knives!  We only had one cutting knife that was also very dull. 

We have 2 gals serving, Annette, who has been down in Ponce for the last 2 weeks and Mindy, a first timer, came from Phoenix, AZ.

Sunday, we attended the Mennonite church where Pastor Debra spoke.  After lunch we did some sightseeing.  We went up to Caguana Indigenous heritage site.  The site of the first persons that inhabited the island.  Very interesting, like me they liked to play games!

The work continues at Migdalia/Montero’s home with the electrical wiring, John kept working on it to completion and on Wednesday and Thursday the gals were painting.

Migdalia is overjoyed to see her home coming back together and is excited about the walls being bright and white.  Montero was away this week (to help Migdalia buy some more paint!)

Friday early afternoon, after running out of paint, Edgar Quinones escorted us all to the next project house.  Drives are always interesting here, in Canada or the US the road would be meant for one vehicle, here it’s tight passing oncoming traffic and so many twists and turns. 

The day ended with the gals washing the MDS truck they would be driving into San Juan and with a large cheese pizza to go, we sent them off.  They did a great job painting.  Thanks gals. Annette returns for her last week in Ponce. 

MDS Utuado, PR

Linda & John Sawatzky