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Utuado, PR – Weekly Report – Jan 14-27, 2019

January 29, 2019

Five volunteers resumed work on the church and on Martha’s house the week of January 14. A professional painter from Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario stayed for two full weeks and completed painting of the church by January 25. The week of January 21, five Weaverland Conference volunteers from New York State joined us and for a day and a half my daughter joined the painting crew. 

By January 25, most of the cement plaster had been applied to the interior of Martha’s house and the exterior prepared for the same. Some rather complex reinforced cement beams and posts were poured as part of the railing, metal and ornamental blocks, that will be installed at the church.

In the week ahead we expect to install the ceramic floor tile, prepare for installation of a drop acoustical ceiling, and install the doors in the church. The goal is to complete the church within two more weeks. We also expect to plaster the exterior of Martha’s house and begin painting the interior.

Requests are beginning to come to MDS for roof replacement jobs in the general community.

A volunteer began a four week assignment to manage the guest house in San Juan and to meet volunteers at the airport and facilitate their transportation to Utuado. It was great to have my daughter visit for five days.

Herman Bontrager