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Utuado, PR – Weekly Report – Dec 10-14, 2018

December 18, 2018

No new volunteers joined us this week but David and Sebastian completed their last week of more than five months of service here. The big job of the week was to pour the concrete roof of Martha’s house, all 26 cubic yards. The timing was excellent as that concrete needs to cure for three weeks before forms can be removed. This will coincide nicely with the arrival of new volunteers in January.

Work resumed on the church as the local MDS workmen began to install soffits, porch ceiling, doors and windows and the assorted tasks that need to be completed at the end of a project.

Investigations have begun for roof repair options in the new year. Many people still live in makeshift habitats. A major challenge is to thoroughly and accurately conduct the triage to ensure that those who are the most in need receive the assistance they deserve.

David and Sebastian spent some time saying goodbye to the many friends they made in the various locations they worked. The relationships made by these volunteers from the Bruderhof communities in the eastern US are representative of the ties that all our volunteers make while on assignment. The relationships are as lasting, maybe more lasting, as the buildings that are restored and built. Participation in Christmas gatherings this past week was another way to enjoy each other and give witness to the way that the Prince of Peace showed us.

Three big cement trucks and a pumper truck deftly maneuvered narrow, winding roads, without incident, to get to the site
The roof immediately after it was poured
The completed roof the day after pouring