Ukiah, CA – Weekly Report – Oct 28-Nov 1, 2019

November 6, 2019

This week was our largest crew yet.  Leon & Dianna drove in with their motor home for a week.  Ron, Rich, and Wilbur drove in from Arizona.  Thomas, Kim and David stayed over from last week.  Robert from British Columbia joined us as long term crew leader.

We started off the week with power being turned off from Saturday till Wednesday.  But just because we didn’t have power doesn’t mean we didn’t have energy to move the construction forward.  With 3 generators we were able to keep the 2 sites and the kitchen energized.  Maribeth and Joyce kept the coffee going and with creative menus they fed us well.

At Gayle Zepeda’s house they finished all the rough-in electrical and marked the wiring for the next crew. Two exterior doors were installed, and a few more windows were installed. Siding was started and went up to the bottom of the windows. Two bathroom windows on back order and waiting to be installed.  Gayle picked the color for the siding, Tahoe Blue, and some siding was painted.  The shingles were delivered on Friday morning and by the end of the day the roof was shingled.  Way-to-go Thomas!

At Edward Norton’s house, the drain lines were installed under the house before the floor joists and subfloor sheeting were nailed down. Then all four outer walls were built, set in place and sheeted.  The one piece bathtub was moved in before even the inside walls were framed.  Next week we plan to build our own truss system like we did at Gayle’s. 

 At Sylver Anderson’s house the foundation is ready, and part of the framing package has been delivered.  Hoping to start on this house next week. 

On Tuesday we were invited to supper at Rose Bell’s house.  What a blessing to all of us.

Some of our long term volunteers; Maribeth & Russel and Verne & Joyce, went home this weekend.  Our new cooks, Judy Schmidt and Barb Dyck from Manitoba joined us.