Ukiah, CA – Weekly Report – Oct 21-25, 2019

November 5, 2019

Three volunteers joined us this week. Thomas from Texas, Kim from Arizona and David also from Arizona.

At Gayle Zepeda’s house the rough-in plumbing was completed, drywall nailers installed and rim joist vents all cut in. The roof sheeting continued till it was done, and even the porch roof was completed and sheeted.  The house was wrapped in tyvec and stapled down.  The electrical rough-in was started. They managed to get the first 3 windows in place and are looking forward to installing the rest next week.

At Ed Norton’s house the drain lines were installed.  Then the sill plate, rim joist and main floor beam were done.  Looking forward to sheeting the floor next week.

On Thursday our Job #1 client, Gayle Zepeda and her sister Debbie came for supper.  They brought pumpkin pies and we enjoyed our time around the table.

On Friday we had 6 local college students and their instructor join our crews for a day of volunteering.  It was great to have local participation and know they enjoyed their experience as well.