Ukiah, CA – Weekly Report – Nov 4-8, 2019

November 12, 2019

Our new weekly volunteers for this week were Jim & Wilma Eby and Terry & Debra Miller from Washington and Kelly Wiebe from Alberta.

At Gayle Zepeda’s house the two windows on back order came in and were finally installed.  The siding and soffit were finished.  Siding seams were caulked, and painting continued till everything had one coat of “Tahoe” blue with a “Swiss Coffee” trim.  The scaffolding was taken down and moved to the second job site.  The small tool trailer and garbage trailer were also taken to the next site.

At Edward Norton’s house after the ceiling joists were finished, the crew put up the ridge beam, home made trusses/rafters and all the OSB for the roof.  All the specialty ties and brackets to prevent potential earthquake damage were used as needed. The house was wrapped up in tyvek and all the windows and exterior doors were installed.  Drywall blocking/nailers were installed. Foundation vents were cut and trimmed with smart trim.  The siding was started and the front porch was started. 

Looking forward to starting the floor and framing of Sylver Anderson’s house next week.    

Judy and Barb have become familiar with the kitchen and grocery shopping and are feeding us well.  We have had good times with them and again we have found out how small our world really is when we think we are strangers but make connections in a short time.

Robert and Sally Unrau arrived on Wednesday to replace Dave & Anna Wiebe as project director and office manager.

On Thursday Rose Bell and her son came for supper.  Rose is Project Manager for The Community Foundation and she graciously answered all our questions and clarified some things for us.  The houses we are rebuilding were in the Redwood Fire of 2017 and our clients have been out of their homes for two years now.

PD and OM Dave and Anna are leaving for home in Manitoba on Saturday Nov. 9 after a great experience in Ukiah.