Ukiah, CA – Weekly Report – Nov 25-29, 2019

December 4, 2019

This week we welcomed a husband and wife team from Alberta, Canada to work with our long term team.  We had drizzly cold rain off and on during the week, but it didn’t dampen the worker’s spirits.  Much work was accomplished.

We began the week by finishing the sheathing and the felt on the roof at Sylver Anderson’s home.  House wrap was also installed there.

This week found us also at Gayle Zepeda’s home to finalize the electrical work.  Work on the front and back porches was done. 

Electrical work was also done at Edward Norton’s house.  Rain exposed a roof leak around one of the vents and that was fixed.   We started building the back porch and finished the front porch. 

We can’t begrudge the rain we experienced this week.  California has been so dry this year, and the rains are very welcome.   We brought in many bales of straw to spread around the houses we are building to help control the mud and the soil erosion from the rain. 

Thursday evening we celebrated an American Thanksgiving.  Our Canadian cooks made a traditional meal that was welcome by all our volunteers.  Thanksgiving decorations added to the festivities.  Instead of pumpkin pie, we enjoyed a homemade pumpkin cheesecake.  

Early Saturday morning we dropped our two cooks, Judy Schmidt and Barbara Dyck off at the airport and wished them God speed on their long journey home.   Saturday afternoon we welcomed Lois & Erma Wenger, sisters, to be our cooks for the next two weeks.

Blessings from Ukiah:  David King, Jason Brake, Robert Prinse, Judy Schmidt, Barbara Dyck, Sally & Robert Unrau

Sylver Anderson home 2
Sylver Anderson home 1
Ruth Dueck hammering in staples over electrical wires.