Ukiah, CA – Weekly Report – Nov 11-15, 2019

November 19, 2019

What a busy week we had this last week here in Ukiah, California.  Our long term volunteers welcomed six men from the Hyde Park Mennonite Church in Boise, ID, a husband and wife from Bridgewater, VA and a young woman from Niverville, MB. 

Work continued on Edward Norton’s home.  Siding was installed, the porch rafters were framed in, rough in plumbing was installed, facia and soffit were installed.  The siding was caulked and painted and the electrical rough in was started. Shingling was begun on the roof and almost completed. There will be more shingling this next week.

We began work on Sylver Anderson’s home this week also.  The foundation had been completed, and we began framing with building pony walls on Monday.  All of the floor joists and the sub floor were installed.  The exterior walls were raised and sheathed.  The interior walls were put up and all of the top plates were installed.  We also set the ceiling joist beam.  By Friday, it looked like we truly had a house underway.  Next week will see us putting up the ceiling joists and roof rafters.

Thursday evening, Sylver Anderson joined us for supper and shared her story of the Redwood Fire that took her home and the experiences that many of her neighbors and friends had during the fire.  This fire was devastating in that not only were homes destroyed, but lives were lost.  We will continue to pray for the families of Redwood Valley as they try to put their lives back together. 

Our volunteers had a great time in the evenings playing games, working on jigsaw puzzles and just sharing and joking with each other.  It was one of those weeks where you can actually see much getting done on our homes.  We are looking forward to getting all our homes enclosed to the point that we’ll be able to work inside during the rainy season. 

Blessings from Ukiah:  David King, Robert Prinse, Judy Schmidt, Barbara Dyck, Sally & Robert Unrau