Ukiah, CA – Weekly Report – Mar 2-6, 2020

April 1, 2020

This week saw the normal monthly staff change-over. Rollin Ulrich took on Project Director from Larry Hamm, Christa Barth started her second tour as Office Manager with phone support from Larry’s wife Judy, and Ruby Witmer started her first stint as MDS Head Cook, assisted by Velma Ulrich.

On Sunday night we welcomed in 15 Old Order youth and chaperones from near Ephrata, PA and Penn Yan, NY. One of them got inspired to put a group together, so a young couple took on the leadership role and planned a train trip for all of them! By the time they arrived, they had been travelling for several days.

This group was a powerhouse of liveliness and hard work, with good respect for our leadership team. We appreciated them no end. We focused on finishing off the four houses that have been in progress since last October, right down to the beautiful redwood porches. This is a big milestone, and our thoughts go back to the many who have worked on these houses in the months before we came. We feel privileged to be reaping the reward on your behalf.

Because we have a night here that we cannot spend in the dining hall, due to church activities, we took liberties to introduce our volunteers to the Pacific coast. We took an afternoon trip to Fort Bragg, where a number of the more daring donned swimming trunks and braved the chilly ocean waves. There was much shrieking and laughter, sunburn and cold wind. Lounging sea lions were surprised by warm fingers, and ground squirrels received handouts from snack bags. We discovered that we could avoid the cool wind by nestling down between the rocks above the beach, where only the warm sun could reach us. The lively behavior of the younger set gave youthful vigor and joy to the rest of us!

Next week we will be able to dedicate three of the four houses. What a blessing for the homeowners, who have waited two-and-a-half years to get to this point.