Ukiah, CA – Weekly Report – Jan 27-31, 2020

February 5, 2020

This week brought eight volunteers from Wisconsin, one volunteer from Southern California and the five volunteers from Winkler, Manitoba last week stayed for a second week. 

At Gayle Zepeda’s home decking, stairs and concrete pads were installed.  Touch up painting on the siding was completed.

Crews sanded and then painted the walls at Ed Norton’s home.  The concrete pads for the stairs were poured and the stairs and decking completed.  Trim and window sills were also installed.  Flooring was installed throughout the house. 

John O’Neal’s house saw lots of progress this week.  The walls and the crawl space were insulated, drywall was hung, the siding and trim were painted.

At Sylver Anderson’s home site plumbing repair and electrical finishes were done.  The house was inspected and will be ready to start with insulation and drywall soon.  The crews were able to begin painting the exterior of the house this week because we had beautiful sunshine all week. 

We welcomed Larry and Judy Hamm on Thursday.  They will become the Project Director and Office Manager for the month of February.  Steve Wiest, the MDS Region IV ROC also stopped by to see the projects and attend meetings in the area. 

February will see a full change of long term volunteers as Steve & Christa, Ralph & Ingrid, Craig, Robert and Sally depart this weekend for home.   February will begin with Gideon, Larry & Judy and a large incoming group of long term volunteers and weekly volunteers.   February will be a busy month.

It’s been a pleasure to be in Ukiah again.  Blessings, Sally & Robert