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Shekinah, S.K., Weekly Report, Aug 6-10, 2018

August 27, 2018

The second week of Family Project at Shekinah began with the arrival of the two families from Manitoba on Sunday evening:  Johan and Elma Neufeld with their family of 5 children ages 3 to 10 from Altona and Jamie and Colleen Penner with their family of 4 children ages 2 to 9 from MacGregor.

Monday was again the big day as Mike and Sheila Neufeld (construction coordinator) brought the timber for the walls. The timber frame wall structure was then constructed on the cement pad with Mike’s supervision and help from the volunteers. Even the young children helped to unload the trailer by carrying precut pieces, cleaning off shavings when the holes were drilled and tapping the pegs into place.

The Styrofoam insulation also arrived and the wall pieces that were stained last week were assembled. The wall sections that were to have windows were also constructed and stained.

Staining has continued on the 1st cabin with progress being made to parts of the cabin receiving the 3rd coat of stain.

The children helped as they could as they stained in the 1st cabin. Some helped to assemble the wall sections, stain the wall sections and install the insulation into the wall sections as they worked alongside their parent.  They were also entertained with books, balloons, games, the swings, blowing bubbles, playdough, and snack times.

The extra activities the camp staff helped us with this week were River Floating, Wall Climbing, and the Zip line. On Wed we made the trip to Rosthern to go to the pool and for ice cream.

This has been another great week.

Report submitted by Priscilla Epp for the long term team: Ike Epp and Haley Ost