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Shekinah, S.K., Weekly Report, Aug 13-17, 2018

August 30, 2018

Here we are at the 3rd week of the Family Project at Shekinah and progress is very visible now. This week we have a father and son, Chris and Tillman Giannella, from Baltimore, MD joining us for the week. Armin Krahn joined us for a couple of days as a day volunteer, as well as Kelsey Friesen MDS Volunteer Coordinator from the MDS Winnipeg office. On Monday we were joined by about 17 other volunteers from the area and some of the senior teen campers and staff to help lift the frame of the 2nd cabin.

Monday was again a busy, hard work day that involved MDS, volunteers from the area and some of the senior teen campers and staff. Mike Neufeld guided the group to lift the timber frame structure into place using manpower and ropes. This sounds like heavy work but the comment “Many hands make the work light” was reality. One of the volunteers stated “I think I lifted 6.5 lbs.” as she had helped to lift the bent from the laying position. Those pulling the ropes didn’t think they had pulled hard either. In the afternoon the wall pieces that had been stained and constructed over the past 2 weeks were installed.  When the work day was over the cabin had walls with window holes, the roof boards were going on and the floorboards for the upper deck were being installed.

The rest of the week staining continued on the log siding for the chimney and plywood sheets for the bunkbeds. The roof was insulated and the back wall was prepared for the chimney construction. Staining also continued on the first cabin.

We look forward to another week of progress in our 4th and final week of Family Project here at Shekinah.

Submitted by Priscilla Epp for LT team of Ike Epp and Haley Ost