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San Marcos – Weekly Report – January 19, 2018

January 25, 2018

The San Marcos RV Project was quite busy again this week. Our volunteers work well together and got much accomplished. There are only eight volunteers: four from Canada and four from the U.S.

At our first home, two rows of floor tiles were removed, plywood was put down and then new tile was laid on top. Taping and mudding were done in the bathroom. Under the living room window, the dry wall had to be replaced, because of mold.

The double-wide mobile home we are working on had just recently been raised and needed some repair. John Vetter, Wayne Papple, and Keith Reed replaced the ridge cap on the roof. Val Papple and Joanne Friesen took the bathtub out of the bathroom. Dennis and Joanne Friesen installed skirting from the bottom of the mobile home to the ground. Wayne Papple replaced the floor that was rotten under the tub. Because the home had been raised there were many cracks in the walls and the ceiling. Some were quite large. The homeowner was very creative in trying to keep the rain out of the openings by putting up foam meat trays under the cracks.

On Friday Dottie and Keith Reed went to evaluate another home. It also needs a lot of work. Therefore, next week we will be divided into three project groups.

Though we could not work on Tuesday or even leave the campground, because of a layer of ice, a lot of work was accomplished.

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