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San Marcos – Weekly Report – January 12, 2018

January 23, 2018

As the New Year arrived so did the volunteers at the San Marcos RV Project. Everyone began working on January 8. The first project was to tear down and build a new deck with a 37-foot ramp. The volunteers worked very hard and complete the deck and over half of the ramp in one day.

On Tuesday they ran out of lumber to finish the railing of the ramp so they came back to camp an hour earlier. Keith Reed also visited another mobile home and evaluated the work needed to be done.

On Wednesday the ramp was finished and sanded smooth. A new entrance door and screen door was installed. Ginny Veeder raked the yard; of trash into a burn pile. The Veeders removed all the drywall and old tile from another home. They also removed the toilet and vanity.

Thursday they installed door knobs and locks on the new doors. The tool trailer was packed up and moved to the new job site. Floor tiles in the living room were removed and new plywood was installed on the floor. They removed and replaced a rotten drywall in the living room. Wayne and Val Papple took down a 4 x 8-foot sheet of siding and replaced it with new siding and even painted it. Keith Reed roughed in the plumbing for the bathroom. A new subfloor was installed in the bathroom by John Veeder and Dennis Friesen. The Reeds went to see a doublewide trailer which was recently leveled. Some of the crew will begin working there Monday.

It was a good week with all the new volunteers working well together and the weather was spectacular.