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San Marcos Weekly Report, Feb 19-23, 2018

March 4, 2018

We might be getting near the end of our assignment as the end of February is drawing nigh, but our crew is still working hard.

At Delia and Pete’s mobile home Don continued working on dry walling the bathroom. He made sure that the walls were ready for the shower surround. Keith put in the shower valve so the shower can be installed. Anita and Don installed the sub floor in the back bedroom and Anita started putting the tile on the floor. By Thursday they put in the base trim. They also put the flooring under the washer and dryer. Keith installed the plumbing for the shower, vanity and toilet and Don heloped him.  Willard and Karen continued working on the ramp to the front door deck. The built a railing for the ramp inbetween the rain showers. Willard cut the black top so he could finish the end of the ramp. Karen painted the bathroom while Willard framed up the end of the ramp to pour concrete. At the end of the day Willard and Don mixed and poured concrete. At 6:30 p.m. Willard and Neil went back to the job site to float and edge the concrete pad. It looks great even after a night of rain. Willard installed a light in the kitchen and one in the bathroom.

At Janie’s house Val painted the outside trim on the new pantry while Audrey painted the walls inside. Ray and Neil cut and installed new steps to the deck and the landing at the end of the new ramp. Wayne and Val worked on the pantry door and floor. They removed the vanity and toilet and prepared the the plywood floor and installed the sub floor. They painted the wall behind the toilet and vanity and then reset the toilet and vanity so the homeowner could use the facility as is is their only bathroom. They also replaced the trap under the vanity and installed the hardware on the pantry door. Now there is very little to do at this house.

Ray, Neil, and Audrey went to start to install a new ceiling at Francisca’s mobile home, but discovered that the structure to hold up the ceiling was rotted and not safe. Long Term Recovery was called and while waiting for an answer, the three workers went to help at Janie’s house. It was decided that Francisca’s home needed new flooring so the three workers and Darlene removed the kitchen floor. They replaced floor joists as needed, put in shims to level the floor and then installed plywood sub floor. They had to move everything out of the kitchen into the living room to work, but move it all back at the end of the day. They worked a long day to get the floor safe for Francisca. They also painted and installed ceiling panels in the kitchen and living room. The volunteers are concerned about the noises in the walls.

Keith was busy picking up supplies for all three jobs and fixed a leak in the toilet at Gloria’s home. On February 22 we had a mini house blessing for Gloria. She is “tickled pink” with her place now and so thankful.

On Saturday the crew toured Swift River Pecans near Francisca’s house. They sell pecans and lumber. We were told how the fallen trees are prepared for lumber and saw a video how the pecan trees are shaken to get the fruit. We even learned how to say pecan correctly.

On Sunday Dottie and Keith went to church in Bastrop to visit with friends they made last year when serving there. They also got to visit with the Washington’s whose house they had repaired. They were so surprised to see them and many hugs were exchanged.

As you can see, it was a busy week.

Submitted by Dottie Reed for Darlene & Ray Funk, Audrey & Neil Rempel, Karen & Willard Martin, Anita & Don Beidler, Val & Wayne Papple