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San Marcos, Texas RV -Weekly Update – October 27, 2017

November 10, 2017

Monday everyone went to new build and did various tasks to helped World Renew get the roof cover by handing material up to them. Tuesday Dennis and Joanne Friesen worked on the new build in Martinsdale. Tim French stayed at camp and worked on setting up new sewer lines for upcoming RVers coming in the first of November. Tim and Nancy Smith installed heavy mats in front of camp to help with the sand being tracked into the building. We started laying floor tile in the camp so we could hook-up the hot water heater.

Wednesday we started installing exterior wall sheathing, handed Plywood up to World Renew workers, and started Tyvex on the exterior walls. Thursday the crew continued exterior wall sheathing, lifting plywood to roofers and Tyvex on exterior walls. We also did interior blocking. We cut out door and window openings.

Jerry Grosh paid us a visit and after completing his assessment of the job site and a meeting, he took us all out to dinner. it was really nice to hear Jerry’s stories and to get to know more about him and MDS.

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