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San Marcos, Texas RV -Weekly Update – October 20, 2017

November 10, 2017

Monday morning we all woke up very excited as we were going to start work on a new build in Martindale, Tx. We arrived at the lot to find a slab with the hoses for the bathroom and kitchen sinks. Our first task was to lay out plates and then wrap one side of each plank with a protective material and install them. It took some time as we had to drill hole in just the right spots to line up with the screws in the cement. In the afternoon the materials arrived for framing the walls. The trusses were also delivered to the site.

Tuesday we started framing exterior and interior walls. We also did the layout for the walls for each room, framed in windows and were able to stand up and secure three exterior walls. Wednesday we continued framing on last exterior wall and started framing of inside walls. Worked on framing the door and window headers. Thursday we had a great day. We were able to finish framing and installed top plates. We now were ready for World Renew to set the trusses on Friday. Tim and Sherry French arrived Friday from Upstate New York to join our group.

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