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San Marcos, Texas RV -Weekly Update – October 14, 2017

November 10, 2017

The first week Bruce and I were here we were busy getting settled in and doing a few things around camp to get ready for the others to arrive. During this time we visited the three sites we would be working on the first few days after Joanne and Dennis Friesen arrive. Bruce Smith installed cabinets for the directors of the Boy Scout Camp where our RV’s will be parked.  The place we have picked for the office had been flooded 2 years ago and needed repairing. Bruce installed kitchen cabinets and counter top, sink, and faucets. He also finished applying stucco to one of the bathroom walls. While he did that I, Nancy Smith applied Kilzs to the bathroom and part of the main room which will be used for our meetings and office.

The Friesens arrived on Friday afternoon and Saturday we all helped out getting camp ready.

Our first day of work Monday, Oct. 9th we started work in Wimberley. We worked in two different houses, the Friesens worked in one home painting trim in the downstairs area. This job involved moving a lot of things around in order to get to what needed painting. Bruce and I were right next door.  The husband of the couple who owned the home we were at had had a stroke and was unable to do anything at this time. Bruce and I started by placing metal angle stripes along the doorways and caulking along the bottom and sides where we placed the metal to stop the rainwater from coming into the house. We also installed the handrail on the stairway so the homeowner could go upstairs. Bruce and I worked at cleaning out the dryer vents and ducts. The wife of the couple we were serving got new ones because the ducts were broken and the vents had been painted over blocking any lint from getting outside.

On Tuesday Joanne, Dennis and Bruce returned to Wimberly and worked on another home. Dennis and Joanne Friesen finished painting trim, baseboard, and a few cupboard doors. Bruce and Darrel worked at installing flagstaff stone on the wall behind the kitchen lower cabinets. The painted baseboard was installed and work on the ceramic tile in the pantry was started.

Wednesday we finished tile and a little trim at another home. After this, we installed gutters and downspouts on the front and back of another home for a client. The gutters and downspouts were finished Thursday.


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