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Saipan N.M.I-Weekly Report- November 3, 2017

November 10, 2017

Warm showers we receive almost daily do not seem to interfere with the progress of the houses. Painting was finished at the Ruben house and some caulking finishing touches were made.  This house is ready for dedication next week.

At the Iguel house, the service panel was boxed in and more of the rooms had plywood hung from the suspended ceilings with strapping placed over the seams. Fresh paint was applied to make the new ceilings look great.  There was a  problem with the table saw, but the volunteer crew went and bought a new one and donated it to MDS.  We are grateful for the gift.

The eaves, venting and gable ends were finished at the Fitial house.  Their ceiling was insulated and the plywood was completed on the ceilings by the end of the week. Plywood on the walls was also completed by Friday.  The bathroom walls are concrete so a cement board was screwed on where tiles will eventually be installed.  The lower kitchen cabinet was installed and the water line fixed.  The doors do not come pre-hung, so lots of work goes into preparing them for installation.

Plywood was installed on ceilings and walls at the Villagomez house. This work was finished by the end of the week. Also, some trim strapping over the seams was started.  Some roof screws were missing or crooked so new ones were added or re-done.

Karen and Leon (our cooks) find items at the local markets and we are treated to fruits and vegetables like star fruit, tiny sweet bananas, plantain, coconut & green tangerines which are new to many of us.

We Praise God for all He is accomplishing through our words and deeds.

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