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Saipan, N.M.I., Weekly Report, March 12-16, 2018

April 6, 2018

The new team all arrived safely over a period of three days, some of the luggage was delayed by a day.  We have 10 Canadians and seven from the U.S.

Monday morning when all had arrived, we had orientation and then a tour of the three projects that were being worked on from the last team. We have six volunteers that have served here before.  We are fortunate to have as our cooks, Sue and Linda, who serve with the Red Cross. They were here for two days after the typhoon in 2015 to help out with immediate needs.  We ate our first bag lunch on the beach. We know, it’s rough!

All started working that day on the projects to acquaint themselves with the work and also with the homeowners.

By the end of the week, two projects; Honorata Litulumar’s house and Victoria Pena’s attached bathroom were completed.  The teams have worked hard and reward themselves with swims or snorkeling in the beautiful ocean that surrounds us.

A few “mishaps”:   On the second day the electric kettle quit. On the third day the coffee pot broke, the bottom came completely off with a half pot of coffee in it.  A tipped water cooler (Igloo) in the back of the truck means coming back for a refill.  I’m sure there were more, nothing serious.

On Friday after work the cooks organized a pool party with a St. Patrick’s day theme, starting the morning with green eggs & ham.  The food was great and so was the party.  We appreciate their creativeness.

We’ve had a great first week.  We are blessed to be here.

Team members:  Sue Kohfeldt, Linda Carmean, Roger Nicolini, Zac Hummel, Linda Hughes, Laurie Warner, Robert Prinse, Art and Deb Toews, Katie Milanovich, Kevin Shantz, Kerri Playford, Jake Patchett, Elaine Samis.  LT Volunteers:  John & Linda Sawatzky, David Hagelgans.

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