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Saipan N.M.I Weekly Report, Feb. 19-23, 2018

March 4, 2018

Currently we are eighteen volunteers here in Saipan from Manitoba, Minnesota, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Saskatchewan. This is the last week for everyone except Harold and Judy Miller, who will continue on and welcome the new volunteers next week.

We worked on four different homes this week.

This week we started at Sara Ilo’s home, which is a home for Sara, her husband Matt, and their seven children ranging in age from three to nineteen. It has a concrete shell for half of the home and cinderblock for much of the second half of the home. We received the materials on Monday and started framing. By Friday, we had the roof on both the home and their outdoor kitchen, the bathroom framed, some of the windows installed, and most of the Hurricane clips attached. We even had a group of volunteers come from Okinawa, Japan to help us out on Tuesday, clean up debris from around Sara’s new home.

At Honorata Litulumar’s home, we hung the remaining sheetrock on the ceiling, we hung the cement board throughout the interior of the bathroom and continued to work on the soffits.

At Isabel Piyalmai’s home, painting was finished, electrical was finished, plumbing was finished, and the site was cleaned up. We were able to dedicate the home on Thursday and sign off her job card.

At Vicente Tagabuel’s home, the crown molding was finished, the finishing touches for the mahogany ply ceiling were done, and the interior walls of the home were painted by our stellar painting crew.

Next week we will come very close to completing Vicente Tagabuel’s home. Work will continue at Sara Ilo’s home and Honorata Litulumar’s home will get closer to completion.

A busy week came to an end and most of us departed for our home on the other side of the ocean. The new crew will be arriving through the weekend and all ready to start serving the people of Saipan on Monday.

Reporting for MDS Saipan,

Harold Miller and Dan Driediger