Saipan, N.M.I. – Weekly Report – Sept 30-Oct 4, 2019

October 10, 2019

Three additional volunteers joined us this week, two from Delaware and one from South Dakota.  Our two young PA volunteers decided to extend their time here for another week, so that brought our team count to thirteen.

Because of the determination of this team, the roof, windows and installation of a new door at Ana’s house was completed Wednesday.  Ana hadn’t been there all week so when she came to bring the guys a treat Thurs., she was very surprised to see they had already finished the job!  She couldn’t say enough of how beautiful her house had become.  Having finished at Ana’s, this team moved to Doris’ house to begin work on her roof, door and windows.

Meanwhile work at Teresa’s house proceeded with the building of a center support wall and rafters over two bedrooms.   This house presents additional challenges because of its odd structure and because it is currently occupied.  Our team’s creativity and patience, in spite of occasional heavy downpours, are working through the challenges.

Repeatedly our team of volunteers commented on how impressed they were with the homeowners eagerness to help with the repairs.  Both Ana’s husband and Teresa’s husband gave a hand whenever they could.  The team at Doris’ enjoyed having her son Jessie show interest in how the power tools work as well as helping carry the old tin to the curbside.

We anticipate making good progress next week on both Theresa and Doris’ houses.  It was a very good week indeed.  We look forward to getting two more families who have waited so long, under a dry roof.

Submitted by Don and Rachel Horst, project director and office manager