Saipan, N.M.I. – Weekly Report – Jan 6-10, 2020

January 14, 2020

We started the week with a 1-hour orientation by FEMA which was mostly a review of information we already knew, as many of our group of 18 are returning volunteers. Immediately after orientation the team split into 2 groups and headed off to site, and eagerly started the workday. We were fortunate enough to be on site by 9 am as the orientation started at 0630!

Project 1 is a 2-story home for Edward Calvo and before Yutu he was a week away from moving into the house as he was just finishing the renovation of his home, when his roof was blown off.  FEMA really wanted our group to take on this project as it was a 2-story home and needed a large roof. Friday was to be “tin day” as the house was prepared by the crew during the week, and we were ready but the weather was less than ideal so we will be back there Monday to finish ridge cap and fascia flashing.

Project 2 was a single-story home with an outdoor kitchen and shower and was a complete roof demo, and replacement. We did not meet the homeowner Joann, but the house was on a family lot so there were relatives on site most days.  The plan was to finish the roof and windows Friday, but the constant showers delayed parts of the project and it will need some loose ends tied up on Monday.

Ziggy who is the FEMA inspector has been very pleased with the quality of work by the teams, and he is in the process of bringing 2 guys that are from Tinian over to work with the teams to learn how and why we build the roofs the way we do.