Saipan, N.M.I. – Weekly Report – Jan 13-17, 2020

January 22, 2020

Our second week continued to be productive as the team is working well together and is focused on closing as many roofs as possible.

On Monday we finished up the 2 roof projects that we carried over from last week and started on 2 more.

Consuela Bernardo’s project was challenging as it was a shed roof onto a concrete house, and close to 60 feet long with a narrow walkway to carry out all the garbage and carry in the new material for the roof. The last 15 feet caused some delay as the walls where poorly constructed and needed FEMA approval to fix properly and rebuild. But it was tied up on Friday and turned out nice.

We also started a small roof for Gau Zihongxn which was an odd shaped roof and required some creative framing to close, but Eldon Zimmerman was the lead, and he can make anything work, and it will hold to strong winds.  This roof was completed Friday as well.

We started on our second 2 story which had some steel trusses that we left in place and added some wood trusses to reinforce.  This roof will be finished up in the next week and is for Rieto Doca.

The last project of the week was for Edward Duenas and is a 2-unit house, a large roof, and will also be covered by the end of this week.

We have been blessed with a team of people that work well together and are focused on completing as many projects as possible. Many are leaving this week and FEMA is looking for people to do electrical so we will try to train up some of our longer-term volunteers, and some of the new people to wire and likely less full roofs next week.