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Rockport, Coastal Bend, Tex., Weekly Report, March 19-23, 2018

April 6, 2018

This week a group of nine students and a leader, Todd Lehman from Hesston College have arrived.

Accomplishments this week include, Mike Followell and Linda Pitre’s Home – painting has continued both indoors and the exterior addition

Joe and April’s painting was done in the dining room and hallway.

Mike and Susan Schneider’s roof has been reshingled

Alicia Aguilar’s home is being straightened on the piers, for this we have contractor.

Joe Rizo’s home in Refugio, is a job accepted from the long term recovery group to repair the roof of the house. This was a good experience to working alongside a group from the Christian Public Service who were repairing the porch and another group from Juniata College, Pennsylvania, who were assigned to help with picking up the debris.

A couple of highlights of this week included:

  1. Visit of Tom Smucker Regional MDS Coordinator and Kevin King MDS Executive Director along with Christine from the Dell Foundation and Amy Montgomery from Long Term Recovery Committee who are reviewing the project as a whole.
  2. Wednesday evening we were privileged to have Mike and Susan Schneider join us for supper and share their story. Being a city worker, he was part of the crew to remove the debris from the roadways to allow the electrical company to get through to restore the power. We started working on their roof on Wednesday morning.
  3. We read “it is more blessed to give than to receive” here at MDS. We give in different ways to people we are rebuilding a home for. This week we were blessed to receive a donation of meat for our freezer from a local individual. What a gift this is.
  4. Hearing the songs birds on Thursday morning was a special treat as it was a beautiful sound and some of the locals feared that the birds would not be back for this spring due to the storm.

Next week we will plan to continue in Mike and Linda’s house laying flooring, drywall work in Janice McMahan’s, mudding and taping at Tommy and Gracie Garcia’s and we will see what Ike Epp says as he continues to investigate the jobs that he is given at the recovery centers.

Submitted by Priscilla Epp for the Long Term Team – Ike, Ted, Jan, John, Helmut and Karin

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