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Rockport, Coastal Bend, Tex., Weekly Report, April 23-27, 2018

May 17, 2018

We had a really nice week as we prepared to close camp for the summer. We had new comers Kent and Betsy Hering from Bemidji, Minnesota and Derek Horst, Nick Ulrich, Josiah Sauder and Philip Weaver from Pennsylvania.

The first of the week we had Joe and April’s home have their exterior painting completed. Janice’s home received its final repairs as Isaac Reimer finished her main bathroom. Alicia’s house received extensive repairs to her small bathroom. The more the guys took it apart, the more repairs were needed.

The decision was made to convert the bathroom into a walk-in closet. The homeowner, Alicia, was happy to have more closet space. The guys brought finishing touches to Linda’s home by painting molding in the loft and interior. This week, we signed off on the job card for the house of Joe, Janice and Linda.

The highlights of the week were the home dedication and blessing for Linda and Mikey’s family, and house. A hardy thank you to everyone for helping to prepare the property and equipment for summer closure.

A special thank you to Gary Zehr, office manager; Susan Reimer, head cook; Isaac Reimer, crew leader, Betsy Hering, our assistant cook; Kent Hering with our short term volunteers and Mary, co-project director.

Love your Neighbor…..JESUS

Rob and Mary Renz

Project Directors

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