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Rockport, Coastal Bend, Tex., Weekly Report, April 16-20, 2018

May 18, 2018

Greetings from Rockport, Texas:

We had five volunteers this week. Isaac and Susan Reimer, cook and crew leader, (although there was no crew); Gary Zehr, office manager and Rob and Mary Renz, project directors.

We worked on five house projects. The homes of Janice, Linda and Mikey; Joe and April; Tommy and Gracie, and Alicia.

We had five days of productive work from our handful of volunteers. Janice had her bedrooms finished with door and shelving painted and fan fixtures hung. Isaac remodeled Janice’s main bathroom from replacing the floor to patching drywall and painting. Gary joined Isaac in assisting with painting and installing doors. Many other small jobs helped bring Janice’s repairs to completion.

Joe and April received the completion of flooring and casing in a bedroom. Gary did some exterior painting and Rob hung exterior lantern lights. Linda and Mikey had their heat and air installed by a contractor. Alicia met with Rob to arrange for remodeling her bathroom and drywall the ceiling. Rob also arranged to have debris removed from her property.

Rob and Isaac met Gracie to discuss drywall work and cupboard and counter installation. Susan and Mary worked in the kitchen preparing meals and cleaning the base house. Rob and Mary had a conference call with staff from binational office regarding the closing of the Coastal Bend Project for the summer.

Meetings and phone calls took place between staff and Tom Smucker, MDS project coordinator and Dan Lincoln, construction manager regarding new builds this coming fall. Mary’s sister and brother in-law from Conroe, Texas volunteered and visited for two days. We enjoy an authentic Mexican dinner together.

Love your Neighbor…..JESUS

Rob & Mary Renz

Project Directors

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