Rio Grande, TX RV – Weekly Report – Mar 9-13, 2020

April 2, 2020

It is with a heavy heart that we must close the MDS site here in the Rio Grande Valley.  The crew made nice progress this week, though! Joe and Debbie worked on electrical, setting up the panel box, wiring, and testing electrical circuits.  The whole crew worked on insulation and Ken and Brent worked on installing the plumbing. Ken and Brent also constructed the rear and front decks.    Bonnie, Todd and Rita worked on installing sheetrock on the ceilings and Jan, Chris and Elenore enjoyed learning how to install sheetrock on the walls with Pete’s help. Rod and Sieg worked on sheetrock in the bathroom. 

We enjoyed going to church at the RV Park next door on Sunday and experienced the cuisine of a Vietnamese Restaurant which several of us had never tasted.  After work on Thursday we enjoyed dining at a nearby Mexican Restaurant called Nana’s Taqueria.  We were able to sit at a table outside on the patio where we enjoyed the music of a Mariachi band all decked out in their Mexican finery.

This Sunday, March 15, we decided to have our own church service right here in the office trailer.  Everyone read their favorite Bible verse and spoke about it.  We sang hymns and listened to the song, “I Will Fear No More” and “Good, Good, Father”.  We cried, we laughed, we felt close to our Lord.

Even though we have only served together for 2 weeks we have become an MDS family.  It is hard to leave the project, knowing the homeowners may not be able to get into their home in a very long time.  It is also hard to leave each other when you have such a connection. But we know that God is in control and that he may have other plans for all of us. 

Blessings from Loretta & Pete, Rita & Ken, Brent & Jan, Bonnie &Todd, Debbie & Joe, Chris & Rod, Elenore & Sieg