Rio Grande, TX RV – Weekly Report – March 22-26, 2021

March 30, 2021

Wrapping up

Well folks!  We are wrapping it up!.  Today is the last day of the MDS Rio Grande TX RV 2021 Project!

Yesterday we wrapped up our time with our second House Blessing of this season. The family has been living in makeshift quarters for some time now.  There was a flood in 2018 that came well up into their former house in the “colonial” of Indian Hills East, leaving mud and mold in its wake.  After the flood, shorted electrical wires caused a fire to start. That in turn resulted in more damage as the firemen broke thru the drywall on ceilings and walls to make sure all flame was out.  Since then an extension cord was run from a neighbor to supply some electricity.  That is the home they were living in. 

Now they have a new home! It is a lovely, new, 24’ x 36’ single-story, 3-bedroom home, set on short piers and clad in bright blue siding.  It will be a fresh start for this very happy family of 4.  Our MDS-RV crew started building here on Jan 11 of this year.  We started with bare ground, roughly graded. We framed, roofed, painted, drywalled and painted some more.  We varnished doors and cabinets, laid floor tile and built decks. Now we can turn over the keys and the home to this beautiful young family. 

Roland Pecina has been our faithful contact with the 4-county Long Term Recovery Committee (LTRC) of the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) here in S. Texas.  They, thru their partners, have supplied the building materials for the build.  Roland has directed, supported, supplied and encouraged us along the way.  He was shared stories of God at work in many ways.  Yesterday, he invited a few friends to join us as we celebrated the House Blessing for the Olvera family. Pastor Arturo Perez brought oil of nard to anoint the doors to the house, and then he offered a blessing to each of us as well.  That was a very special experience.  Nancy Shields presented the Jesus Story Bible that we had chosen for the family.  Karen Olson presented the wall hanging that one of you at home made for just such an occasion.  The five year old saw the refreshments spread out on the kitchen counter and informed me that he was hungry—his 12 year old sister says he is always hungry.  After the house blessing and dedication were completed, we invited him to be first in line at the counter.

Some of the wrap up details for the project include driving three of the MDS vehicles to Rockport, a 4 hour drive north of Weslaco, but still well within the confines of Texas.  Our men made a caravan of it this morning, the 4th vehicle being David’s pick-up truck to bring them all back again this afternoon.  Then there is a day of work tomorrow to pack up the office trailer and place it in storage; pack our individual campers and batten down those hatches; say farewell to one another till next time, when we will do it all again. 

Maybe we’ll meet again here in Texas; maybe it will be in Florida, or Louisiana, or Mississippi or the Carolinas.  Rarely do the same friends all make it back to serve again in the same unit–  but that lets room for YOU!  YOU can join us as we make a difference in people’s lives.  Make plans to join us this fall, or perhaps next year.  We are blessing and being blessed. ABUNDANTLY.

MDS Rio Grande TX RV Crew: signing out one last time for 2021.

Ray & Mim Heisey, Joe & Roxanna Livermore, David & Karen Olson, Bruce & Nancy Shields

3-24-21 Pastor blessing entrance
3-24-21 Ray & Susana Olvera sign Job card