Rio Grande, TX RV – Weekly Report – March 15-19, 2021

March 25, 2021

Heading to the finish

God has blessed us with lovely weather this past week: highs in the 80’s (90’s on Wednesday) with overnight lows in high 50’s and 60’s.  After the frigid days in mid-February, no one is complaining about the heat.

We have been working diligently to finish the Olvera house, which was started from bare ground when we began the work here on Jan 11, and we expect to have its house blessing next Wednesday.

There is a smaller crew these last 2 weeks of March, so it is of course going a little slower than it would with a full crew of 12, but we celebrated the completion of the flooring by week’s end.  Mim and Nancy applied the flooring adhesive and laid most of the 12×12 vinyl tiles thru the main living area of the house, with cutting assist from Ray from time to time.  That can be a sticky mess and so barricades were placed to keep random workers from inadvertently stepping on the tacky floor as we worked.  David and Bruce continued to work well together in the bedrooms of the house. They hung passage doors, then measured, cut and tacked up the trim strips around doorways, windows and baseboard areas.  Karen, having painted an abundance of those strips earlier, now followed and caulked joints and nail holes, giving a smooth, polished look to it all.

Meanwhile Joe and Ray have worked on the electrical and plumbing components at the Olvera house as well as at a new build on Campacuas Dr, 3 blocks away. On Monday the men hung drywall in that house but returned to Olveras house later in the week to help us thru to the finish.  Joe completed outlets and tested them for service, and Ray hooked up the water heater in the bathroom.  On Friday Ray went back to check some things, and to set and hookup the kitchen sink so that we are sure to be ready for the house blessing.

 We thank God for good health as we work, but some of these are old bones and “Arthr I Tis” keeps wanting to set up residence with them. None of us have covid symptoms, but by the end of the week achy joints, sore muscles and sometimes dusty coughs do a good mimicry job.   Karen gave us a bit of a scare when her hand cramped & swelled up and her wedding band restricted blood flow to that finger.  She and David made a detour to a local jeweler the next morning to have the ring cut free and the swelling soon subsided.

Thank you all for praying for MDS and others who are working in the field.  Your support and prayers are an integral part of the work, and much appreciated.

From slimmed down MDS Rio Grande TX RV Crew at Weslaco: Ray & Mim Heisey, Joe & Roxanna Livermore, Karen & David Olson and Bruce & Nancy Shields

3-16-21 Plumber at work, Ray Heisey
3-16-21 Mim Heisey lays vinyl tile
3-16-21 At ease- Karen Olson & pup