Rio Grande, TX RV – Weekly Report – Jan 25-29, 2021

February 2, 2021

This week, the home we are finishing continues to take shape.  David is making great progress on the decks, as he has built a new one for the side door out of the kitchen, and finished the front deck railing and spindles that was previously started.  Joe helped David on Monday, but then painted siding and soffits at the new build nearby, which is a very bright blue. The color was picked out by the homeowners, to add to the mix of bright colors in the neighborhood.  Rita stained and varnished a few coats on the kitchen cabinets; as well as, applied adhesive to the floors as Mim followed behind and placed the vinyl tiles on bedroom floors and out through the hallway.  Our knees will never quite be the same!  Karen painted about 97 trim boards three coats of white paint! She was disappointed she didn’t get the other 12 done by quitting time on Thursday!

Ken has begun plumbing into the new build, focusing on the bathroom.  Ray and Fred have been putting up black paper on the roof and getting that ready to shingle.  Fred is leaving as Project Director this week, so Ray has been learning the ropes from Fred, as Ray will be PD the next two months.  As Joe paints and helps others when needed, Ray and Fred have placed the painted siding on the outside walls, starting in the back of the house so that the electrical box can be placed soon.  When they get electricity to the house we can put the generator away.

We look forward to two new couples coming to serve with us the next two months, the Millers and the Gisels.  We pray for Fred as he travels back to Virginia, and pray for those traveling here to Weslaco, TX.

The highlight of the week was the delivery of more than 50 MDS water bottles filled with candy for the children of the neighborhood.  A local church pastor was thrilled after receiving them and handed them out to with the food bank drive-through.  Our little team collected money to purchase the candy, and we got together and had them filled in short order. We hope they were as blessed in receiving as we were in giving.

Fred, Rita, Ken, Ray, Mim, Joe, Roxanna, David, and Karen

The back of the new build with some new siding in place
Ray and Fred looking over blueprints for the new build
Mim laying tile on a bedroom floor