Rio Grande, TX RV – Weekly Report – Jan 18-22, 2021

January 28, 2021

Our two projects continue as we work in service for our Lord.  The new build has been looking like the 4 or 5 laborers have been miracle workers as the walls are all up, the rafters are in place, and the roof sheeting was put up.  All of that in four days, with about three of those days misting rain.  We thank God no one was hurt in those slippery conditions.  Speaking of wet conditions, the reason we are here is because in 2018 there were two extremely heavy downpours that flooded this neighborhood, plus more rain this past fall from as the edge of hurricanes came too close.  The homes were flooded past doorways and into their homes, and personal belongings were floating into other’s property.

The other project of finishing a house is going well, too.  It just doesn’t seem like it’s going as fast as the new house, but these finishing projects take time.  We are still varnishing the interior doors, painting trim, laying sticky tile floors, among repairs left from the other teams who started the build last year.  We are grateful for what they did get done, but the holes for the ceiling recessed lights in the kitchen were too small, and the cut-outs for the wall outlets were too big, on some anyway.  So we are doing as much as we can with our crew.  We look forward to two more couples arriving this weekend!  As they arrive, Fred Miller, our Project Director, will be going home to be with his family, and his new puppy.  Not quite sure which one he misses the most. Just kidding!  He has been a good leader for us, and we will miss him.  We pray God’s blessings on him as he travels, and as the new couples arrive.  We also pray blessings on Ray and Mim Heisey as they take over the leadership roles next week.

In His Service,

Rita, Ken, Ray, Mim, Joe, Roxanna, David, Karen, and Fred