Rio Grande, TX RV – Weekly Report – Jan 13-17, 2020

January 21, 2020

As the temperatures soared and the humidity climbed, our volunteers were challenged to stay hydrated as they continued to work on Angelica’s new home in Mercedes.  It is truly amazing what God can do when we rely fully on Him as we worked!  The walls are all up, the roof is covered with wood and felt paper, the 2 decks were started, and the house was wrapped.  The painters were busy painting the siding a lovely pastel green chosen by Angelica, and each 16 foot piece was given two coats.  The trim was also painted white so that as the windows and doors are put in, the trim can go up as well.  The inside has been framed for the walls to the two bedrooms and bathroom, plus the kitchen area.   

We also had some young volunteers from Ameri Corp help with loading the pieces of the old house into a dump trailer.  It will be so nice when that is all gone and cleaned up, as it blows dirt and junk all over the place.  They also helped where needed, unloading new materials, etc.  Some of them heard the women laughing as they painted, and thought we were a bunch of crazy people!  Sometimes we just have to have fun on the job while we work.   

One bit of a problem has been finding the water pipes that are buried underground.  We need to find them in order to connect into them when the time comes.  Since the Ameri Corp folks are young and strong, some helped us dig.  The ground is so hard that a pickax was used, and sure enough, the strong youth found the pipe and went right through it!  Easy to do since we don’t know the depth of the pipe.  

A few of us went to Mexico to shop and eat on Friday.  It’s always crowded and noisy, with lots of street vendors and people outside of pharmacies and dentist offices peddling their goods and services.  It’s neat just to see it, but a relief to get back to the US!  We then took a side trip to see the wall, some of it finished, while  some is being put up. No matter your opinion of the wall, it is a sight of such magnitude and height.   

Blessings from our small but mighty crew, 

Fred, Stanley, Ken, Rita, Todd, Bonnie, Lynn, Darlene, Lee, and Kathy