Rio Grande, TX RV – Weekly Report – Feb 1-5, 2021

February 9, 2021

Hot and sticky sunny days!  Then chilly mornings, and refreshingly cool afternoons and sweatshirt evenings.  That’s the weather here in Weslaco in February.  There are abundant cacti, scrawny mesquite trees and tall sabal palms, wispy grass and sharp toothed sand spurs, along with the occasional flowering shrubs in residents’ yards.  The Rio Grande Valley’s normally semi-arid climate has been intensified by a recent drought, a bit of an anomaly to us as we are here rebuilding from damage done by 2018 flooding.  Indian Hills East, the small neighborhood where we are working, also has an abundance of dogs of every size, and we drive slowly and step carefully to avoid accidents.

We just welcomed Mark & Martha Miller and Ned and Mary Gisel to the MDS RV team here.  They will be serving with us for the month of February and, with Joe and Roxanna Livermore, David and Karen Olsen, Ken & Rita Wolf and Ray & Mim Heisey that brings us to a full 12 member team.  We look forward to adding their skills sets to those of the rest of the team as we continue the work of building houses and hope for the Alvarez and Olvera families.

We thought we were nearly finished at the Alvarez property, a 24’ X36’ 3 bedroom house.   Interior work is wrapping up nicely.  Flooring is complete thanks to Mim and Martha’s careful work, room doors and kitchen cabinets poly coated by Rita, baseboard and door trim up and painted, just needing the finishing caulking and touch up, which David and Karen Olsen are working on.  We thought we were nearly finished –until Ken and Ray made a closer inspection of the outside to see if there were any little finishing details to be done. Turns out that the siding had been put on the house without painting. The soft brown color that we thought was the homeowners color choice was merely the prime coat.  So next week we will paint it their choice of color, the shining blue of a sunny summer afternoon. 

Meanwhile, at “the new build” (Olvera House) progress shows more dramatically.  You’ve watched the foundations set, decking built, walls go up and roof put on the frame.  This week shingles and drywall were delivered and the crew shingled the roof on 2 of those hot sunny days.  Glad to be done with that job.  Now Ken is completing the rough plumbing, while Joe continues work on the electrical system, with an assist from one or another of the painters.  Mary and Ned have painted that bright blue paint on a pile of siding planks, and crisp white on the exterior edging trim.  Ray and Mark have moved siding from painters  sawhorses to house walls and it is looking nice!

Blessing and being blessed!  That is what we do.  That is what we receive.  Building hope, sharing fellowship, building friendships.