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Rainbow of Hope – MDS Update

October 7, 2016

Lititz, PA — Home building and rainbows in West Virginia, the threat of Hurricane Matthew and urgent volunteer needs through March 2017 are all part of this weeks MDS update. Despite the tragic floods of June 23, the people of Greenbrier County are rebuilding and a late September rainbow added energy to the hope for the future. Meanwhile MDS is preparing to respond to Hurricane Matthew as needed.  Perhaps there is a volunteer opportunity for you, check out all of the possibilities.

MDS Update for October 6, 2016

PRAYER CONCERNSPray for all those in the path of Hurricane Matthew.  The MDS crew in Andrews, SC has been evacuated and moved to safety ahead of the storm.  Remember those living along the Florida, Georgia and Carolina coasts in the path of the storm.  Also pray for and assist those in southwest Haiti who have already experienced the impact of this storm. Contact Mennonite Central Committee.

Visit the MDS website for updates on the MDS response to Hurricane Matthew.


Weekly Volunteers needed for Fall Projects!

Detroit, Michigan: Nov 20-Dec 10

Greenbrier County, West Virginia: Oct 30-Dec 16

Lafayette, Louisiana: Nov 20-Dec 16

Lake County, California: Oct 30- Dec 16

West Virginia Bridges: Nov 20-Dec 16

To schedule please call the Volunteer Development Team at 800-241-8111 or email Alicia Hurst at


Roofers are urgently needed in Andrews, South Carolina for the week of Oct. 30-Nov. 5.

To schedule, please call Alicia Hurst at 800-241-8111 or email at

Leadership Positions

MDS needs volunteers for leadership positions at the following project locations.

RV Program

Andrews, SC – space available for one RV (couple or 2 singles) from Oct. 24-Dec. 16 (come for minimum of 4 weeks)

Detroit, MI

Head Cook – Oct. 30-Nov. 19

Office Manager – Nov. 27-Dec. 16

Greenbrier County, WV

Head Cook – Oct. 30-Nov. 19

Assistant Cook – Oct. 30-Dec. 16

Crew Leader – Oct. 30-Dec. 16

Lafayette, LA

Head Cook – Dec. 4-16

Assistant Cook – Oct. 30-Dec. 16

Crew Leaders – Dec. 4-17

West Virginia Bridges

Office Manager – Nov. 13-Dec. 16

Crew Leader – Nov. 13-Dec .16


Beginning this week, we are now scheduling weekly volunteers for January through March, 2017 at the following projects!

Project Locations:

Andrews, South Carolina

Calaveras County, California

Lafayette, Louisiana

Lake County, California

To schedule please call Steph Shenk at 800-241-8111 or email at


The Rainbow of Hope

A rainbow hugs the clouds and we are reminded of Genesis 9:13, “I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.” In a recent visit to White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, where MDS Storm Aid volunteers are building new homes for survivors of the devastating June 23 floods, a rainbow appeared. What an inspiring sight and affirmation that with each nail hammered, roof attached and window hung, comes hope and the fulfilment of a covenant. We work beneath the rainbow as we respond, rebuild and restore. I remain hopeful and encouraged.

Kevin King

MDS Executive Director

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