Puerto Rico – Weekly Report – Jan 20-24, 2020

January 28, 2020

After having last week’s volunteers cancelled due to the unsettled feelings around the recent earthquakes, it was especially good to have our six volunteers from PA arrive.  In addition to these six, two engineers from J Z Engineering in Harrisonburg, VA were here this week.

Everyone was busy preparing the ground and building the needed support to reinforce the pillars on Lucy’s house, pillars weakened by the recent earthquakes and tremors.  Our goal this week was to wrap several of the existing pillars in rebar and frame up three new walls to give added strength to her home.  We were able to get the footers and the first four feet of the center wall poured.  Since this is the first house for MDS to do this type of reinforcement, we continue to learn as we go, especially when faced with unexpected challenges.

Highlight of the week was being hosted by Chiro and his wife at the house where they are staying in Choamo for an evening of food and fellowship.  We also enjoyed the meal and snacks that Lucy prepared for us.

Plans for next week are to complete all three walls at Lucy’s house which includes more digging, bending of rebar and framing up concrete forms as well as pouring the concrete walls.

Along with several rain showers, a beautiful rainbow could be seen from Lucy’s house.  We enjoyed its splendor as well as the sweet fragrance of the vibrant red and yellow blossoms on her rose bushes.