Learn more about the MDS programs and how you can get involved! 

Partnership Home Program

The Partnership Home Program (PHP) brings sponsor groups together with a homeowner who lost their home because of a natural or man-made disaster to build a new quality home. The sponsor groups are often churches but also MDS Units, community groups, retirement home groups or others. The groups not only build a house from start to finish but a relationship with the family or homeowner.

Summer Youth Program

The MDS Summer Youth Program (SYP) is a week-long service experience designed for youth and their sponsors to put hands and feet to the gospel by serving others.

Family Program

The MDS Family Program offers a week-long summertime experience for the whole family to put hands and feet to the gospel. Organized by MDS Canada and MDS Units, the program takes place at a different location each year in Canada. Instead of working at a disaster site, families generally stay at a church camping facility where they volunteer their time in projects such as clean up, repair, and building at the camp, thereby furthering the ministry of the camp.

Recreational Vehicle Program

The MDS Recreational Vehicle (RV) program is a volunteer opportunity for 55+ adults who want to help cleanup, repair and rebuild after disaster and have fun doing it.

Pastors to Projects Program

MDS welcomes active, constituent pastors and their spouses to a hands-on MDS experience at an MDS project site in the U.S. or Canada.   To encourage pastor participation, the Pastors to Projects program offers travel reimbursement.