Ponce, Puerto Rico – Weekly Report – Mar 2-6, 2020

April 1, 2020

This week was a smaller group of volunteers – hard workers and good skills.  Monday and Tuesday more cement blocks were laid at Ulyses site.  Wednesday and Thursday all traveled 1/2 hour west to the town of Yauco to put up a 12 x 12 room that an elderly couple will live in.  They are waiting on insurance from the earthquake and had been living in a shelter (stadium) that was closing.  They owned a lot with an old abandoned house where we would put the 12 x 12 room – large enough for a bed and chair.  We fixed up the outdoor bathroom (flush toilet and shower) and there were walls were a kitchen could be – they will put up a temporary roof.  We framed the walls and made floor joists in Ponce then loaded those and the rest of the materials on a trailer.  The wife and husband made impressive lunch for us both days.  They spoke English well and we all enjoyed visiting with them.  It was fun to do this small project in one week that will make their lives much better while they wait on fixing their house.