Ponce, Puerto Rico – Weekly Report – Feb 10-14, 2020

February 26, 2020

The willing workers this week came from Lancaster County, PA (8), Ontario (3) and Manitoba (1). 

Each day the tasks were varied and diverse, which kept things quite fun. On Monday we started the day by unloading supplies from the closed Utuado project. We incorporating what was needed into the second floor Apartment D in Ponce where weekly volunteers will stay.

Also, the concrete was poured for the pad at Lucy’s home for her washing machine at the back of her home, rather than in under her home.   They also tore out and installed Esther’s new kitchen and window.   Some time was spent cleaning up all the miscellaneous materials that had been left at both homes, including the lumber that was used for forming up the reinforcement walls below both homes.

The MCC container arrived in the afternoon and everything was unloaded from the container to a truck trailer.   Thankfully we had a proficient tow motor operator to help expedite this process. 

Tuesday the ladies cleaned out the warehouse where MDS stores building materials.  This was a filthy job and we ended our day by jumping into the ocean with our clothes on for a quick rinse off. 

We worked at Ulysses home by installing forming wall boards around the perimeter to get ready for the continuous concrete pour.  We put down a layer of vapor barrier and installed the rebar and wire ties. 

On Friday we worked at Nelson’s home by clearing the lot to get ready for the demo of the existing house and the construction of his new home. 

We worked hard, ate great food and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Puerto Rico.  Everyone we worked with was kind and gracious.  It just makes you want to return.