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Ponce, Puerto Rico, Weekly Report, May 20-26, 2018

June 6, 2018

It’s still just the six of us, but this week it was mostly John and the older two kids at the jobsite.

John and the kids leveled and plumbed the trailer. They installed a kitchen sink in it and Jonathan built shelving for the bathroom and kitchen. We also erected a temporary outdoor tarp for shelter. Rebecca cleaned out the outdoor shower/bathroom and scrubbed it down. John built the post for the utility box. John (with Chiro and Rolando) sourced a cement mixer and visited the Utuado site. We did the regular chores, cooking, office work, and hosting. We started stocking the trailer and John fixed the fuel tank in the truck.

Sunday evening, Chiro, Lery, Leryann, and William came for supper. We had a leisurely dinner and great conversation. We are thoroughly enjoying these new friends! Daryl Yoder-Bontrager and Diego Otegui, two students of disaster management, came and spent the night, interviewed us, and visited the jobsite.

Saturday afternoon we drove to Aibonito (with Chiro) to get to know the area, and so that the kids could attend a youth event. We got to meet the Shellenbergers, a crew of volunteers from Canada, see Clete’s work and take a tour of the Ulrich House.

Next week is our last week before the first volunteers arrive. We hope to finish setting up the trailer and dig the footers for the new build. Also, we’ll be hosting the first joint coordinator and project leader meeting on Friday.

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